High-lift Scissor Pallet Truck


High-lift scissor pallet truck, also known as high-lift pallet truck, can be divided into electric high-lift scissor pallet trucks and manual high-lift scissor pallet trucks. The high-lift scissor pallet truck can not only be transported, but also used as a working platform. Its body design is compact, and the oil pump has a fast lifting function, which can greatly save lifting time and improve labor efficiency. It is widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, supermarkets and other places. The lifting range can adapt to different handling heights and reduce bending. Trouble carrying goods around the waist.


The truck has the following characteristics:

  1. Combination of functions of pallet truck and lifting platform;
  2. The advanced hydraulic system has a fast lifting function and high efficiency;
  3. High quality, reliability, long service life and good sealing effect;
  4. Quick lifting (when carrying light cargo) —- shake the handle about 18 times to reach 800mm;
  5. The slow descent control system can effectively prevent damage to cars and goods;
  6. The safety unloading system can effectively prevent the car from unloading automatically when overloaded, so as to protect the car.