Full Electric Drum Tilter Counter Balance

Powered Oil Drum Lifter Stacker

Max. Load capacity 420kg;

Power drive, transport, lift and tilt 55 gallon steel drums;

Imported electrical vehicle exclusive walking control system;

With manned pedal and can be operated by one people, labor saving and high work efficiency;

With step-less speed regulator, high-power reversing switch, integrated hydraulic pump stations, power walking driving wheel;


Model YL420B Full Electric Oil Drum Lifter

It is applicable to the handling, lifting and loading and unloading of oil drums. The oil drum lifter adopts the special walking control system for imported electric vehicles, which are walking -stable , portability and flexibility, and can be operated by one person.

Drive type/ElectricElectricElectric
Operating type/Standing steer typeStanding steer typeStanding steer type
Rated load capacity kg420420420
Lifting heightmm240024002400
Total heightmm186018601860
Total lengthmm227022702270
Total widthmm117011701170
Turning radiusmm212021202150
Max. Grade ability (Fully-loaded/no-loaded)%3/5 %3/5 %3/5 %
Driving wheel size mmΦ250*80Φ250*80Φ250*80
Brake type/Electromagnetic brakingElectromagnetic brakingElectromagnetic braking
Drive motor power kw1.21.21.2
Lifting motor power kw2.22.22.2
Noise leveldb(A)<70<70<70
Battery voltage/capacityV/Ah  24/21024/21024/210
Net weightkg11001050990
Drum rotating range°135135

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