Electric Lift Table   ES

Electric Lift Table ES

Lifts heavy loads with ease.

Robust structure yet lightweight.

Two brakes increase safety.

Power unit made in Europe DC 700W.

High quality battery 75Ah/12V.

Automatic battery charger.

Wheel and roller diameter 150mm.

Handle height 1185mm.


TypeSingle scissorSingle scissorSingle scissorSingle scissorDouble scissorDouble scissorDouble scissor
Table SizeLxW(mm)1010×5201010×5201010×5201010×5201010×5201010×5201010×520
Table HeightMin./Max.(mm)450/950450/950450/950480/950495/1600495/1618510/1460
Handle Height1185118511851185118511851185
Lifting Cycle Fully Charged65554540454040
Wheel Dia.(mm)Φ100Φ150Φ150Φ150Φ150Φ150Φ150
Lifting/Lowering Time(second)15/1515/1515/1515/1515/1515/1515/15
Overall Size(mm)1260×5201260×5201260×5201260×5201260×5201260×5201260×520
Net Weight(kg)140148154169183198208

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    Stainless Lift Table

    The table is made of stainless steel to be more wear-resisting. Design with overload protection, safe and reliable. Suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and high cleanliness of the place.

    Lift & Tilt Table

    The Lift &Tilt Tables are specifically designed to allow an operator to feed and unload parts from tote boxes or containers quickly and easily without lifting, bending, stretching, or reaching. Design with overload protection, safe and reliable.

    Spring Lift Table

    Self-leveling fully adjustable, weight sensitive. Designed to maintain an ideal working height for assembly lines and loading/unloading operations. Balance to achieved by double springs fitted to the shock absorbers. Simple to operate spring tension adjustment.