Lift Table AS

Lift Table

AS series

Economic range but reliable.

Design with overload protection, safe and reliable.

Suitable for using in repairing, manufacture, wrapping, assembly line place, etc.

Conforms to European EN 1570:1999 standard.

New hydraulic system increases safety and protects your goods, stepless rate of lowering system remains irrespective of the weight of the load.

Model   AS20   AS30   AS50   AS80   AS35D 
TypeSingle scissorSingle scissorSingle scissorSingle scissorDouble scissor
Capacity   (kg)   200   300   500   800   350  
Table Size   LxW (mm)   700×450   852×502   852×502   920×520   920×520  
Table Height  min/max (mm)   265/755   330/910   390/910   442/1000   435/1500  
Handle Height   h (mm)   980   1100   1100   1130   1130  
Wheel Dia.   (mm)   Φ100 *30  Φ125*30 Φ125*30 Φ150*40 Φ150*40
Overall Size   BxC (mm)   450×870   502×1050   502×1050   520×1170   520×1170  
Foot Pedal to Max. Height   ≤25   ≤30   ≤40   ≤70   ≤70  
Net Weight   (kg)   44   74   81   114   125  

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    Stainless Lift Table

    The table is made of stainless steel to be more wear-resisting. Design with overload protection, safe and reliable. Suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and high cleanliness of the place.

    Electric Platform Stacker

    EP•A series Easier and faster lifting operation. High quality hydraulic motor made in Italy. Service free battery. No-marking castor as standard. Conforms to 1757-1 : 2001.

    Power Work Positioned

    • Stronger motor, Larger battery 12Ah, Low voltage protection. • Electric models: Automatic electronic overload protection system ensures safety. Maintenance free and sealed batteries, automatic charger. • Quick change attachment options available.