Drum Truck DT350

Drum Truck DT350

Simple-and-light-structure design, easy to operate and saves effort.

Eagle-gripper structure, fit for operating with steel oil drum and PE oil drum.

Excellent-quality oil cylinder, high lifting speed, maximum lifting height:300mm

Automatic clamping tight the oil drum during lifting which is safety and reliable

A type can be loaded onto platform scale 550 Depth x680Width x1 80mmheight

B type can be used with pallet 600mm Depth x920mmwidth for loading &unloading oil drums

C type can be used with pallet 800mm Depth x1200mmwidth for loading & unloading oil drums

Lifting Capacitykg350350350
Lifting Heightmm300300300
Drum SizemmΦ572mm , 210 Lifters (55 gallon)Φ572mm , 210 Lifters (55 gallon)Φ572mm , 210 Lifters (55 gallon)
Width Of Front Legmm89012601400
Inside Fork Widthmm69010601200
Dia of Front WheelmmΦ150*50Φ150*50Φ150*50
Dia of Steering WheelmmΦ125*50Φ125*50Φ125*50
Overall Dimensionmm920*890*11201260*920*11201400*960*1120
Net Weightkg505055

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