Lift & Tilt Table

Lift & Tilt Table

The Lift &Tilt Tables are specifically designed to allow an operator to feed and unload parts from tote boxes or containers quickly and easily without lifting, bending, stretching, or reaching.
When in its lift and tilt position, the unit holds totes or containers at a comfortable working height and angle that allows operators to easily reach parts even at the bottom of the container.
The working table is elevated by means of a foot actuated hydraulic cylinder. As the table is raised, it automatically tilts to an angle of 45 at full elevation. Built-in retaining lip keeps containers in place.

Design with overload protection, safe and reliable.

 Model   BL15   BL40   BL80  
 Capacity   (kg)   150   400   800  
 Table Size   TxW (mm)   830×500   830×520   830×520  
 Dimensions   M (mm)   830   830   930  
 N (mm)   748   830   830  
 Table Height   H1(min/max) (mm)   415/880   435/900   440/1000  
 H2(min/max) (mm)   415/1400   435/1560   438/1570  
 Handle Height   H3 (mm)   1100   1130   1130  
 Wheel Dia.   (mm)   Φ125   Φ150   Φ150  
 Overall Size   BxC (mm)   500×1010   520×1355   520×1355  
 Foot Pedal to Max. Height   20   55   80  
 Net Weight (kg)   92   123   145  

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    Transfer Lift Table

    More easier for loading and unloading operations by means of ball transfer unit. As the steel balls are raised, the goods on table are very easy to move into or move away. As the steel balls are lowered, the goods stay on table firmly.

    Electric Hydraulic Platform Truck

    Internal power pack equipped with relief valve against overloading and compensated flow valve for controlled lowering speed. Suitable for using in repairing, manufacture, wrapping, assembly line place, etc.

    Mobile Electric Scissor Lift Table

    Step-less speed regulator and integrated hydraulic pump stations to ensure a smooth lifting powerful and high power drive. Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and anti-exploded valve to stop the lift table lowering in case of hose burst. With anti-pinch and overload protection function.