Stationary Lift Table

Stationary Lift Table

Hydraulic lifting system, the far-end control and multi-control points at the different floors could be realized hierarchical control. Stop anywhere at the pre-concerted and accurate location point. It can work under any condition, great load capacity, safe and reliable. There are sensitive overload protection devices locking device for falling protection.

1.Heavy duty design.

2.UM series lift tables meet EN norm and ANSI/ASME safety standards.

3.These modles can be used in above-floor or in-floor pit applications.

4.Upper platform lifted with aluminum safeth bar preventing descent on contact with obstructions.

5.Safety clearance between scissors to prevent trapping during operation.

6.Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all four sides of the platform.

7.The lift table is equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for servicing and maintenance.

Model No.CapacityPlatform SizeBase frame sizeMin. Height (mm)Max. Height (mm)Lifting Time (second)Power packNet weight
(kg) LXW(mm)mmV/Hzkg
UM10011000820×13001266×68020599020~25380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw160
UM100210001000×16001266×68020599020~25380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw186
UM10031000850×17001600×680240130030~35380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw200
UM100410001000×17001600×680240130030~35380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw210
UM10051000850×20001600×680240130030~35380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw212
UM100610001000×20001600×680240130030~35380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw223
UM100710001700×15001600×1362240130030~40380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw365
UM100810002000×17001600×1362240130030~40380V/50Hz, AC1.1kw430
UM20012000850×13001255×785230100020~25380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw235
UM200220001000×16001255×785230100020~25380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw268
UM20032000850×17001630×785250130025~35380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw289
UM200420001000×17001630×785250130025~35380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw300
UM20052000850×20001630×785250130025~35380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw300
UM200620001000×20001630×785250130025~35380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw315
UM200720001700×15001630x 1435250140025~35380V/50Hz, AC2 2kw415
UM200820002000×18001630x 1435250140025~35380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw500
UM400140001200×17001600×930240105030~40380V/50Hz, AC2 2kw375
UM400240001200×20001600×930240105030~40380V/50Hz, AC2 2kw405
UM400340001000×20001980×930300140045~50380V/50Hz, AC2 2kw470
UM400440001200×20001980×930300140045~50380V/50Hz, AC2.2kw490
UM400540001000×22001980×930300140045~50380V/50Hz, AC2 2kw480
UM400640001200×22001980×930300140045~50380V/50Hz, AC2 2kw505
UM400740001700×15001665×1432350130035~45380V/50Hz, AC2 2kw570
UM400840002200×18001665x 1432350130035~45380V/50Hz, AC22kw655

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    Lift Table AS

    Suitable for using in repairing, manufacture, wrapping, assembly line place, etc. New hydraulic system increases safety and protects your goods, stepless rate of lowering system remains irrespective of the weight of the load.

    Lift & Tilt Table

    The Lift &Tilt Tables are specifically designed to allow an operator to feed and unload parts from tote boxes or containers quickly and easily without lifting, bending, stretching, or reaching. Design with overload protection, safe and reliable.

    Spring Lift Table

    Self-leveling fully adjustable, weight sensitive. Designed to maintain an ideal working height for assembly lines and loading/unloading operations. Balance to achieved by double springs fitted to the shock absorbers. Simple to operate spring tension adjustment.