Turning Lift Table

Turning Lift Table

Reasonable design for easy job

Table could be 360° rotation

H (Min./Max.)mm500/750700/1060
Table SizemmΦ600Φ600
Overall Sizemm655×600×500655×600×700
Wheel Dia.mmΦ75Φ75
Foot Pedatimes4555
Net Weightkg4854

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    Rough Terrain Lift Table

    Heavy duty rough terrain lift table ideal for use outside, such as in Garden. Handle with tool box pneumatic tires with brake system. New hydraulic system increases safety and protects your goods, tepless rate of lowering system remains irrespective of the weight of the load.

    Lift & Tilt Table

    The Lift &Tilt Tables are specifically designed to allow an operator to feed and unload parts from tote boxes or containers quickly and easily without lifting, bending, stretching, or reaching. Design with overload protection, safe and reliable.

    Spring Lift Table

    Self-leveling fully adjustable, weight sensitive. Designed to maintain an ideal working height for assembly lines and loading/unloading operations. Balance to achieved by double springs fitted to the shock absorbers. Simple to operate spring tension adjustment.