Mini Walkies Electric Pallet Truck

Electric Motor Pallet Jack

1. The handle is more sturdy and durable, multifunctional accelerator, simple operation and complete functions.

2. The whole system is equipped with a turtle speed button power meter and a low-power buzzer.

3. Stepless falling, no longer worry about the uncontrollable falling and damage to the goods.

4.     Turn on the turtle speed button with one click to realize the handle walking upright, ensuring a smaller turning radius of the pallet truck.

5.     Modular design, maintenance is very convenient and fast. Armor-type cover to protect the circuit and cylinder, in order to reduce failures.

6.     The integrated oil cylinder has no pipelines for the whole truck, reducing oil leakage failure and convenient maintenance.

7.     The accelerator has its own fault display light, which can accurately check the status of the car and diagnose the problems.

ModelTP15M / TP20M
Power supplyFull electric
CapacityQ(kg)1500 / 200
Load centerc(mm)500
Front overhangx(mm)950
Net weight(With battery)kg210
Wheel sizemmDriving wheel Φ210×70
mmFork wheels Φ80×70 / Φ74×70
Wheel distributionThree-point distribution
Max. Fork heighth3(mm)195
Min. Fork heighth13(mm)85/75
Overall lengthl1(mm)1660
Overall widthb1(mm)550/680
Fork sizes/e/l(mm)53/160/1150(1220)
Turning radiusWa(mm)1465
Max. Handle heighth14(mm)1300
Aisle width (800×1200mm pallet)Ast(mm)2130
Driving speed(laden/unladen)Km/h3.5 / 4.5
Lift timesm/s0.13
Grade ability (laden/unladen)%3-10%
Brake typeElectromagnetic
Driving motor powerKw0.75 / 0.8
lifting motor powerKw0.85
Battery weightKg8.5 / 9.5
Battery capacityV/Ah24V/20Ah / 30Ah

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