General FAQ's

Yes, mostly we supply the engineering drawings, especially, for the OEM orders.

We  send the paper- version manuals to you with the products, or electronic versions via email.


Product FAQ's

In general, we offer a schedule for preventive maintenance in every manual. You will find a checklist with daily maintenance for all the trucks manuals. And there is a recommended parts list, which is a good reflection of the parts you need to keep your trucks in the field running. 

Heavy-duty electric pallet trucks offer several advantages over manual pallet jacks or other types of forklifts. Here are some of the main advantages:

Increased Efficiency: Heavy-duty electric pallet trucks can move heavier loads faster and more efficiently than manual.

pallet. jacks. This can save time and increase productivity in warehouses or other facilities that handle heavy loads.

Reduced Physical Strain: With an electric pallet truck, the operator does not have to exert as much physical effort to move heavy loads. This can reduce the risk of injury and strain on the operator’s back, arms, and shoulders.

Electric walkie pallet trucks are versatile material handling equipment that can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial settings. Some common applications of electric walkie pallet trucks include:

Warehousing: Electric walkie pallet trucks are often used in warehouses and distribution centers to move pallets of goods and supplies quickly and efficiently.

Manufacturing: Pallet trucks are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to transport raw materials and finished goods between production lines and storage areas.

Retail: Electric walkie pallet trucks are used in retail environments to move heavy merchandise and supplies from storage areas to sales floors.

Freight: Erect pallet trucks are commonly used in freight transportation and logistics to move palletized goods from one location to another.