Mini Winch Stacker

Mini Winch Stacker

Robust, lightweight, steel construction.

Maneuverable, extremely easy to use.

Cable winch lifting system with fully cable housing.

Adjustable fork from 132mm to 520mm.

Platform is a standard accessory.

Important: Forks Must be in Max. fork width position when fit platform on two forks.

Load Centre(mm)250250
Lifting Height(mm)11001100
Straddle Leg Height(mm)100100
Min. Fork Height(mm)7070
Fork Length(mm)500500
Individual Fork Width(mm)5050
Platform Size(mm)500×530×90500×530×90
Over Adjustable Fork Width(mm)132-520132-520
Effort Force with Load(N)82106
Load Wheel(mm)Φ100×30Φ100×30
Steering Wheel(mm)Φ100×30Φ100×30
Overall Dimensions(mm)865×550×1470830×580×1475
Net Weight(kg)5262

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    Aluminum Stacker

    Disassembling and assembling is easy. Can fit into smaller spaces when disassembled. Equipped with wheels on the mast also allow it to be used as a trolley. Light Aluminum mast, easy for handling. erated by winch.

    Electric Platform Stacker

    EP•A series Easier and faster lifting operation. High quality hydraulic motor made in Italy. Service free battery. No-marking castor as standard. Conforms to 1757-1 : 2001.

    Power Work Positioned

    • Stronger motor, Larger battery 12Ah, Low voltage protection. • Electric models: Automatic electronic overload protection system ensures safety. Maintenance free and sealed batteries, automatic charger. • Quick change attachment options available.