Lithium Electric Pallet Truck-TP J

Li-ion Powered Pallet Truck

1. The structural layout of the new concept, two innovative designs, independent

Electric warehouse, independent hydraulic warehouse, set a new benchmark for medium-sized vehicles;

2. Stepless control of the driving speed to meet the rhythm of different drivers;

3. Automatic deceleration makes vehicle operation more safe when turning

4. Low battery protection prolongs the usable life of battery

TP-J series lithium electric pallet car is a new generation of newly developed products, using AC drive control technology, advanced performance, comfortable operation, safe and reliable, low maintenance cost, is the warehouse, supermarket, workshop loading and unloading and handling of pallet goods ideal tools.

Operator typePedestrianism 
Load capacity/rated loadQ(kg)2500 
Load centre distanceC ( mm )600
Wheelbasey ( mm )1354
Service weight(with battery)kg380
TyresPolyurethane Wheel/PU
Wheel Size,Front Wheels/e/l ( mm )160
Wheel Size,Rear WheelΦxw ( mm )Φ80×70
Lift heighth3 (mm)195
Lowered fork heighth13 ( mm)85
Overall Length11 ( mm)1725
Overall Widthb1 ( mm)790
Fork dimensionss/e/l ( mm )160
Width over forksb5 ( mm) 550/685
Ground clearancem2 (mm)26
Aisle width,with 800*1200 palletAst ( mm )2208
Turning radiusWa(mm)1538
Travel speed,laden/unladenkm/h4/4.5
Lift speed,laden/unladenmm/s
Max gradient performance,laden/unladen%6-10%
Drive motorKW0.85
Lift motorKW0.85
Lithium Battery voltage/nominal capacityV/Ah48/40
Noise level,according to DIN12053dB( A) <70

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