Electric Fork Stacker 

Electric Fork Stacker

EF·A / EJ·A series

Low profile forks can lift the pallet easily.

Easier and faster lifting operation.

High quality hydraulic motor made in Italy.

Service free battery.

Option platform available.

No-marking castor as standard.

Conforms to 1757-1 : 2001.

Model (Fixed Fork)EF2085AEF2120AEF4085AEF4120AEF4150A
Model (Adjustable Fork)EJ2085AEJ2120AEJ4085AEJ4120AEJ4150A
Max. Fork Height(mm)850120085012001500
Min. Fork Height(mm)8080808080
Fork Length(mm)600600650650650
Fixed Fork Width(EF series)(mm)500500550550550
Adjustable Fork Width(EJ series)(mm)215-500215-500235-500235-500235-500
Single Fork Width(mm)100100110110110
Dia of Front Wheel(mm)Φ75Φ75Φ75Φ75Φ75
Dia of Steering Wheel(mm)Φ125Φ125Φ125Φ125Φ125
Chassis height(mm)32.532.522.522.522.5
Power Pack Motor(KW)
Overall Height(mm)10801435106014101710
Overall Width(mm)560560590590590
Overall Length(mm)10201020110011001100
Net WeightEF (kg)9097105116122
EJ (kg)93100110121127
Option PlatformLP10 (610×530)LP10 (610×530)LP20 (660×580)LP20 (660×580)LP20 (660×580)

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