Drum Truck DE450

Drum Truck DE450


One person operate easily.
* Self-standing with kickstand.
* 10 rubber wheel let you operate with less effort.
* Safely carry and grip the drum.

Drum SizeSteel DrumSteel DrumPlastic DrumPlastic Drum
30 or 55 gallon30 or 55 gallon50~210 Litre50~210 Litre
Overall Size(mm)1520×620×15001520×635×15001520×620×15001520×620×1500
Net Weight(kg)26282628
Wheel (Poly)(mm)250×50Φ250×50/Φ75×32Φ250×50Φ250×50/Φ75×32

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    Manual Turning Oil Drum Handling Trucks

    Safe drum dumping requires well-designed, ergonomic drum handling equipment to reduce risks of injury or property damage. Our hydraulic Drum Carriers, drum dumpers A308 combine incredible strength with simple drum handling by one person.

    Drum Grab DG series

    Easily and quickly lift drums without hydraulic or electric connections. Simply slip onto forks an tighten hand screws. Heavy duty steel construction. Lifts, transports, and deposits drums without leaving the driving position.

    Drum Truck DC series

    The economical, safe way to tip, drain and store 55 gallon drums. Self-storing load tipping lever. Nylon castor and wheels 3”. Drum height 15” off floor. Easy step to drum draining and storage. Place cradle next to drum. Place hook over drum chime. Tip load on curved section. Move load to on-the-job location.