48v Lithium Electric Pallet Truck

48v Lithium Electric Pallet Truck


High quality hydraulic station with low voice. Low vibration, strong sealing, automatic adjustment of descending speed to ensure stable and reliable lifting and descending speed;

Precise electronic limit switch to accurately control the maximum lifting height to prevent damage to the motor.

Safer and more convenient operation

The ergonomically designed control handle imported from Germany is convenient for left and right hand operation. All operation functions can be easily realized by simple buttons on the handle, which improves driving comfort.

With electronic steering system, the operation is easier and the steering is more flexible.

48v Lithium Electric Pallet Truck of electric carrier vehicle smooth lines, in line with the ergonomics design concept, the use of reliable drive motor, economic and efficient.

The newly designed floating drive suspension system makes the vehicle ride more smoothly and operate more comfortably.

Operator typestandstandstand
Load capacity/rated loadQ(kg)200025002000
Load centre distanceC ( mm)600600600
Life heighth3 ( mm )200200200
Low ered fork heighth13 ( mm)858582
Fork dimensionss/e/l ( mm )60/160/115060/160/115060/160/1150
Width over forksb5 ( mm )550/685550/685550/685
Turning radiusWa (mm)1636 (fold)/20451636 (fold) /20451935
WheelbaseY ( mm)135413571357
Wheel Size, Front WheelmmΦ250X75Φ250X75Φ250X75
Wheel Size, Rear WheelmmΦ80X80Φ80X80Φ82X98
Additional WheelmmΦ115X50Φ115X50Φ115X50
Tread, frontb10 ( mm)590590590
Tread, rearb11 ( mm)391/526391/526391/526
1000X1200 Lengthw iseAst ( mm)2394 (fold)/28032394 (fold)/28032665
800X1200 Lengthw iseAst ( mm)2307 (fold)/27162307 (fold)/27162580
Travel speed,laden/unladenkm/h4.3/4.75/5.59/8
Lift speed,laden/unladenmm/s35/3829/3725/31
Max gradient performance,laden/unladen%6-10%8-12%8-12%
Overall Lengthl1 ( mm )1825 (fold)/22341825 (fold)/22342120
Overall Widthb1 (mm )808808848
Service brakeElectric brake Electric brake Electric brake 
Battery voltage/nominal capacityV/Ah24V/10024V/10024V/150
Manufacturer of drive controlCURTISZAPI/CURTISCURTIS
Drive motorkw0.851.52.2000000000000002
Lift motorkw0.80.80.8
Service weight(with battery)kg500670700
SteeringMechanicalElectronic steeringElectronic steering

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