Work Positioned stacker

Work Positioned Stacker

1. Manual Stacker: Manual winch Operation Light, Safe self-locking, design novel lightweight, flexible operation.

2. Manual Stacker: Carefully designed, suitable for narrow space use;

3. Manual Stacker: A variety of change design and quick attachment (optional), can meet a variety of station handling, lifting requirements.

4. Manual Stacker: Conform to European EN1757 standards.

5. Manual Stacker: Profiles and specifications by our own choice of design, if changed by the Division I standards prevail.

Load capacitykg100100200200
Load centermm230230230230
Platform Minimum Heightmm1308513085
Platform Maximum heightmm1500150015001500
Platform sizemm600*470(PE,steel)
Front Wheel diameter(PU wheel)mmφ75 Universalφ75 fixedφ75 Universalφ75 fixed
Rear Wheel diameter(PU wheel)mmφ125φ125φ125φ125
Width of legmm370-600370-600370-600370-600
Minimum fork Heightmm30-8030-8030-8030-80
Minimum turning radiusmm850850870870
Overall sizemm840*600*1830840*600*1830870*600*1920870*600*1920
Net weightkg48505264

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    Aluminum Stacker

    Disassembling and assembling is easy. Can fit into smaller spaces when disassembled. Equipped with wheels on the mast also allow it to be used as a trolley. Light Aluminum mast, easy for handling. erated by winch.

    Electric Platform Stacker

    EP•A series Easier and faster lifting operation. High quality hydraulic motor made in Italy. Service free battery. No-marking castor as standard. Conforms to 1757-1 : 2001.

    Power Work Positioned

    • Stronger motor, Larger battery 12Ah, Low voltage protection. • Electric models: Automatic electronic overload protection system ensures safety. Maintenance free and sealed batteries, automatic charger. • Quick change attachment options available.