Winch Stacker

Winch Stacker WS

Compact and service free design.

Unique design of winch for easier and safe lifting.

Heavy duty “C” section mast.

Adjustable fork width from 160mm to 690mm (WS25, WS50).

Two parking brakes on steering wheels.

Conforms to EN1757-1:2001.

Load Centre(mm)400500575
Max. Fork Height(mm)156015601500
Lowered Fork Height(mm)909088
Fork Adjustable Width(mm)150-690160-690540 Fixed
Fork Length(mm)80010001150
Fork Width(mm)6070160
Effort Force to Rated Load(N)100120100
Lifting Height per Stroke(mm)40229.5
Ground Clearance(mm)181824
Min. Turning Radius (outside)(mm)107510751250
Front Load Roller(mm)Φ80×47Φ80×47Φ80×94
Steering Wheel(mm)Φ150×40Φ150×40Φ150×50
Overall Size(L×W×H)(mm)1325×725×20301325×725×20301600×725×1930
Net Weight(kg)140146182

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    Work Positioned Stacker

    1. Manual Stacker: Manual winch Operation Light, Safe self-locking, design novel lightweight, flexible operation. 2. Manual Stacker: A variety of change design and quick attachment (optional), can meet a variety of station handling, lifting requirements.

    Fork Type Stacker

    Low profile forks can lift pallet easily. Ladder as option. Polyurethane rollers with bearing. No-marking castor as standard. Widely used with low leg and various accessories as option. The V-Shaped plate is suitable for printing work, flexible package industry.

    Power Work Positioned

    • Stronger motor, Larger battery 12Ah, Low voltage protection. • Electric models: Automatic electronic overload protection system ensures safety. Maintenance free and sealed batteries, automatic charger. • Quick change attachment options available.