Hand Pallet Truck A100

Hand Pallet Truck A100

Lowering position: Pull up the finger tip control handle to lower the truck.

Neutral position: Stay the position during move.

Lifting position: Pull down the tip control, press the pump to raise the truck.


Welding pump with leaking proof design.

With over loading safety valve.

Chrome plate piston.

Different fork length are available.

Option: rubber wheel, nylon wheel, polyurethane wheel.

Load capacityQ(kg)25003000
Steering wheelmm180*50180*50
Fork wheel singlemm80*70/74*7080*70/74*70
Fork wheel tandemmm80*93/74*9380*93/74*93
Lifting heighth3(mm)200/190200/190
Lowered heighth13(mm)85/7585/75
Overall lengthl1(mm)1534/16041534/1604
Fork dimensionss/e/l54/160/1150(1220)54/160/1150(1220)
Distance between fork- armsb5(mm)520/550/685520/550/685
Turning radiuswa(mm)1249/13191249/1319
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbasem2 (mm)3232
Height of tiller in drive position maxh14 (mm)12241224

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