Mobile Tilting Work Table

Mobile Tilting Work Table

Reduces ergonomic strain-positions your work at the precise height and angle you select.

Table height 720-1080mm great for dies, mould, parts bin, etc.

Lightweight, mobile, all-steel construction.

Platform can be set at various heights and tilted to a certain angle to reduce strain and overexertion.

Hydraulic pump lift the platform to the height you want.

Four swivel casters marking the work positioners extremely easy to maneuver.


Model   XH15XH25 XL15A   XL15B  
Capacity   (kg)   150  250 150   150  
Table Height Range   (mm)  725-1080 725-1080 510-700   720-1070  
Adjustable Table Angle   0-40°0-40° 0-40°   0-40°  
Foot pedals5560 28   30  
Net Weight   (kg)  6366

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    Turning Lift Table

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    Lift & Tilt Table

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