Semi Electric Drum Lifter

Semi Electric Drum Lifter

Use high-quality hydraulic pump station, strong power, large-capacity battery, and lasting power.

The "C"-shaped steel door frame manufactured by special rolling process is firm and safe.

The design structure of the oil barrel truck is simple and lightweight, and the operation is simple and labor-saving.

High-quality oil cylinder, fast lifting speed, lifting height can reach 450mm.

It can be equipped with electronic weighing scale, with functions of zero setting, tare, weighing, etc., with an accuracy of 3/1000.

The advantage of the oil drum truck is that the structure of the whole vehicle is simple and light, and the operation is simple and labor-saving. One person can complete the transportation, stacking, stacking and loading and unloading of the entire oil drum.

Model No.TS0516 / TS0525
Operate methodElectric lifting, manpower walking
Max.lifting heightmm1600/2500
Lifting methodElectro-hydraulic lifting
Precision(weighing scale)g3/1000
Overall lengthmm1470
Overall widthmm950/1100
Overall heightmm2100
Net weightkg210
Lifting motorv/kw1.6
Rear wheel sizemmΦ180*50
Front wheel sizemmΦ180*50
Wheel materialNylon
Front support leg inner widthmm640
Front support leg outer widthmm840
Turning radiusmm1500
Lifting speedmm/s120

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